My Research Interests

My research interest covers the following areas.
1). Statistical shrinkage models and variable selection via the Lasso.
Tibshirani's Lasso page and my shooting algorithm.
2). Longitudinal studies,
3). Regressions with singular designs and age-period-cohort (APC) models,
4). Statistical computing and small sample problems,
5). Microarray gene expression data analysis and genetic association studies (SNP data analysis), haplotype analysis and
6). Estimating DNA copy numbers and SNP genotype calling.

Age-Period-Cohort Analysis - One of the Controversies in the 20th Century

Statistical sofware I invented .
APCSoft - A statistical software for APC analysis for epidemiologists, sociologists and demographers.
It's available on the internet FREE of charge!!
(Sponsor: MSU IRGP - Vice President for Research).
(AVAILABLE NOW. Please visit and provide comments.)

Award and Grants

ASA Computing Committee, 1997, Student paper Competition Award.

National Cancer Institute, 1999 - 2002. Statistical age-period-cohort analysis of cancer incidence and mortality rates.

Michigan State University, 2000-2003. A web-based software for statistical APC analysis of disease rates.

National Cancer Institute / NIH, 2003-2005. Research fellowship (PI: Ray Carroll at TAMU)

NICHD/NIH, Feb, 2006 - Sept, 2007. Statistical genetic association study of pregnancy complications.

Selected Publications In Major Research Areas

Statistical variable selection and Lasso

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Age-Period-Cohort Analysis

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Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics

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