Workshops I Co-Organized at MSU

Impact of Statistical Science in the 21st Century September 18, 2006

Co-Organizers: Dr. Wenjiang Fu and Dr. Lijian Yang
Sponsors: MSUCHM, MSUCOM, Department of Epidemiology.
Keynote Speaker: Dr. Rong Chen, NSF Program Director, and Professor of The University of Illinois at Chicago
Panel speakers:
Dr. Kenneth Land, John Franklin Crowell Professor, Department of Sociology, Duke University
Dr. Hongyu Zhao, Ira V. Hiscock Associate Professor, School of Public Health, Yale University

Computational Genomics Workshop May 10-11, 2007

Co-Organizers: Dr. Wenjiang Fu and Professor MinPing Qian (Visiting Professor)
Sponsors: Statistical Genetics Group in the Department of Epidemiology of MSU and Dean's Office of School of Graduate Studies
Three short courses on May 10:
Microarray Gene Expression Data and Quantitative RT-PCR Data Analysis by Dr. W. Fu
CHIP-chip Data and Identification of Transcription Factor Binding Sites and Applications by Dr. Q. Ding and Prof. M. Qian
SNPs Data and Genetic Association and Applications by Dr. W. Fu and Dr. Y. Cui

Invited Presentations on May 11:
1. Integrated Approaches for Predicting Domain Interaction by Dr. Fengzhu Sun
2. A statistical Method for Chromatographic Alignment of LC-MS Data by Dr. Pei Wang
3. Statistical Methods for Inferring Gene Regulatory Modules and Networks by Dr. Jun Xie
4. Robust Detection of Coding Regions in Conserved Short Genomic Sequences by Dr. Jing Wu
5. Reproducibility Probability Score: Incorporating Measurement Variability across Laboratories for Gene Selection by Dr. Sheng Zhong
6. Estimating the Null Parameters in Large-scale Multiple Testing by Dr. Jiashun Jin
7. Controlling for False Positive Findings of Trans-Hubs in e-QTL Mapping by Dr. Jie peng
8. An Empirical Bayes Method for QTL Mapping from Related Genome Scans by Dr. Kui Zhang