Prof. Giesy serves on the Boards of Scientific Counselors of both the National Toxicology Program (NIH) and the Office of Research and Development (ORD) of the US EPA.  In this capacity he advises the major programs of the US government in both human and environmental health.  He also reviews programs and research and reviw products.  This input has a large impact on the quality and direction of the research agendas of the programs (see the What’s New section” of this site for more information and links to these programs.



Prof. Giesy goes over maps with graduate
student Karl Strause before they begin an
aerial survey of eagle and owl nests and habitat.



Prof. Giesy has published more than 500 peer reviewed articles and presented over 865 lectures, world-wide. His research is much used and cited by other researchers--Prof Giesy is in the top 0.5% of active authors (ISI Current Contents: and was the 6th most cited author in the field of Environmental Science over the period 1993-2003 (In-Cites; His research has been featured in a number of magazine and newspaper articles.

Prof. Giesy makes observations and
records the information on topographical

Prof. Giesy, Postdoc Matt Zwiernik and
grad student Karl Strause board a light
plane to conduct an aerial survey of habitat

Prof. Giesy is the member of many editorial boards and is the editor of the Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment section of Chemosphere. Prof. Giesy has served on six National Academy of Sciences panels, including:

  • Endocrine Disruptors
  • Remediation of PCB-Contaminated Sediments
  • Bioavailability of Residues from Sediments and Soils

Prof. Giesy has received a number of distinctions and awards including:

  • In1994 Prof. Giesy received the prestigious Vollenweider Medal for Aquatic Sciences from the National Water Research Institute of Canada for his work on contaminants in the North American Great Lakes.
  • In 1995 Prof. Giesy received the Founders Award, which is the highest award given by the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry for continued excellence in research and education. In 2002 he received the SETAC/Menzie-Curra Environmental Education Award from for his many activities in environmental education, including undergraduate and graduate training.
  • Prof. Giesy was president of the Michigan State University chapter of Sigma Xi The Research Society in 1994.
  • Prof. Giesy has served on the Board of Directors of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) from 1986 until 1992 and as President of the Great Lakes Regional chapter in 1984 and of the international SETAC organization in 1990 1991.
  • Prof. Giesy is listed in 36 biographical listings, including Who's Who in the World.

Aerial view of the Kalamazoo River in
Michigan where owls are nesting.