Separated at Birth?

Franz Peter Schubert and Adam Michael Gobeski: Separated at Birth?

Separated at Birth?

Franz SchubertAdam Gobeski
-Second-youngest child-Second-youngest child
-Not rich-Not rich
-Fantastic music student-Fantastic music student
-Not famous in his time-Not famous in his time
-Hated being a teacher-Hated being a teacher
-Wrote excellent lyrics-Wrote excellent stories
-Wrote songs-Sang songs
-Lived with his friends-Lived with his friend
-Had an unfinished symphony-Had an unfinished "Symphony" candy bar
-Adored Beethoven-Adored the Beatles
-Spoke German-Spoke German
-Died of syphilis-Once had pneumonia
-Buried next to Beethoven-Not buried yet

Page created: 3 July 2002

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