Casals arrived in Paris with an invitation from the American soprano, Emma Nevada, whom he had first met through Count Morphy at the royal palace in Madrid. Nevada and her English husband, Dr Raymond Palmer, welcomed Casals to their imposing house in the Avenue Wagram. Since they were about to leave for England, where Madame Nevada was booked for two concerts in London on 20 and 27 May, it was arranged that Casals should join the excursion. It was his first visit to the country, and he spoke only a few words of English. His name was wholly unknown to the English public. But within three months Casals was performing for the Sovereign. The Nevada connection was clearly critical, for at her first performance, at Crystal Palace on 20 May, she enabled Casals to make his London debut, playing the Lalo Concerto in D Minor accompanied by the Crystal Palace Band, under the nonagenarian conductor August Manns. —Baldock, Robert. Pablo Casals. Boston: Northeastern University Press, 1992.

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