Chronology of Events in the Life of Emma Nevada




April 9, 1851 Argentine, Michigan William Wallace Wixom sets out for the California gold fields
February 7, 1859 Alpha Mining Camp, Calif. Birth of Emma Wixom
Spring, 1864 California, Nevada Emma and her parents move by covered wagon from Nevada City to Austin, NV.
Sept. 24, 1868 Austin, Nevada Little Emma Wixom sang in a concert at the Methodist church
April 26, 1872 Fenton, Michigan Death of Emma's mother, Maria (O'Boy) Wixom
Spring 1876 Oakland, California Emma graduated from Mills College
March 15, /1877 Austin, Nevada Benefit concert for a miner who had lost his leg
March 29, 1877 New York Emma sails for Hamburg, via Plymouth, on the Frisia of the Hamburg-America Line
April 10, 1877 Hamburg, Germany Arrival in Hamburg; death of tour leader Dr. Adrian Ebell
March 31, 1879 Vienna, Austria Recital chez Mme Marchesi
August 2, 1879 Fenton, Michigan Death of Emma's grandmother, Maria (Ryal) Wixom
December 2, 1879 Elko, Nevada Remarriage of Emma's father with Mrs. Catherine Groves
May 17, 1880 London, Her Majesty's Theatre Sang Amina in "La Sonnambula" (her stage debut)
July 24, 1880 Fenton, Michigan Death of Emma's grandfather, Dr. Isaac Wixom
October 1880 Trieste "La Sonnambula"
Feb. 17, 1881 Leghorn, Italy "La Sonnambula"
April 7, 1881 Naples, Italy "La Sonnambula"
April 30, 1881 Genoa, Italy Verdi heard her in "La Sonnambula" and was enthusiastic; Nietzsche likewise
May 6+, 1881 Milan, 21 performances "La Sonnambula" et al. at La Scala
Aug. 9, 1881 Florence, Italy Birth of Elvin Wixom, Emma's half-brother
Nov. 3, 1881 Genoa, Italy "La Sonnambula"
Nov. 30, 1881 Florence, Italy "Mignon" by Ambroise Thomas
Dec. 21, 1881 Pisa, Italy "La Sonnambula"
Jan. 11, 1882 Pisa, Italy "Faust" by Gounod
March 7, 1882 Rome, Italy "La Sonnambula"
April 11, 1882 Florence, Italy "La Sonnambula"
April 18, 1882 Florence, Italy Bellini's "I Puritani"
May 3, 1882 Bologna, Italy "La Sonnambula"
May 9, 1882 Piacenza, Italy "La Sonnambula"
May 15, 1882 Cremona, Italy "La Sonnambula"
May 24, 1882 Venice, Italy "La Sonnambula"
June 26, 1882 Padua, Italy "La Sonnambula"
May 17, 1883 Paris, Opéra-Comique Sang Zora in "La Perle du Brésil"
March 21, 1884 Paris, France (Théâtre-Italien) Sang Lucia in "Lucia di Lammermoor" (debut at this theater)
October 14, 1884 Norwich Music Festival, England Sang in “Elijah”
October 15, 1884 Norwich Music Festival, England Sang the Couplets du Mysoli from David's “La Perle du Brésil”
October 16, 1884 Norwich Music Festival, England Sang in McKenzie's "Rose of Sharon," sang the Rondo finale of “La Sonnambula” and the mad scene from “Lucia di Lammermoor”
October 17, 1884 Norwich Music Festival, England Sang the soprano solos of the first part of the “Messiah”
November 17, 1884 New York Emma arrives in New York for her first U.S. tour in a company put together by Col. Henry Mapleson
November 24, 1884 Academy of Music, New York Emma made her American début in "La Sonnambula"
December 6, 1884 Academy of Music, New York “Lucia di Lammermoor”
December 18, 1884 Academy of Music, Brooklyn Gounod's "Mireille"
December 20, 1884 Academy of Music, New York Gounod's "Mireille"
December 26, 1884 Academy of Music, New York “Lucia di Lammermoor”
January 1, 1885 Boston Gounod's "Mireille"
January 3, 1885 Boston "Lucia di Lammermoor"
January 7, 1885 Boston, New England Conservatory of Music Emma sang to the students to her own accompaniment
January 7, 1885 Boston "I Puritani"
January 10, 1885 Boston "Mireille"
January 29, 1885 New Orleans Gounod's "Mireille"
January 31, 1885 New Orleans Matinee: "La Sonnambula"
February 5, 1885 New Orleans Sings Margarita in Gounod's "Faust"
February 17, 1885 Kansas City, Missouri "La Sonnambula"
February 18, 1885 Topeka, Kansas The company performed "Il Trovatore," and so Emma did not sing.
February, 1885 St. Joseph, Missouri "La Sonnambula"
February, 1885 Omaha, Nebraska
Feb. 24, 1885 Cheyenne, Wyoming "Lucia di Lammermoor"; Emma catches cold
March, 1885 Salt Lake City, Utah Emma indisposed; will be ill for several days in San Francisco.
March 23, 1885 San Francisco Emma's California début in "La Sonnambula"
March 25, 1885 San Francisco "Lucia di Lammermoor"
March 27, 1885 San Francisco Gounod's "Mireille"
April 8, 1885 Chicago Music Festival Sang Mireille in "Mireille"
April 10, 1885 Chicago Music Festival Sang Lucia in "Lucia di Lammermoor"
April 13, 1885 Chicago Music Festival "La Sonnambula"
April 16, 1885 Chicago Music Festival Sang Gilda in "Rigoletto"
April 18, 1885 Chicago Music Festival "Lucia di Lammermoor"
October 1, 1885 Paris, France Marriage to Dr. Raymond Palmer
December 3, 1885 Virginia City, Nevada, Piper's Opera House Concert
December 5, 1885 Austin, Nevada, Methodist Church Concert
January 26, 1886 Detroit, Michigan Concert & Interview
January 29, 1886 East Saginaw, Michigan Concert
January 30, 1886 Jackson, Michigan Concert
August 14, 1886 Paris, France Birth of Emma's only child, Mignon
April 16, 1887 London, Covent Garden Sang Amina in "La Sonnambula"
April 19, 1888 Oakland, California Death of Emma's father, Dr. William Wixom
April 29, 1887 London, Covent Garden Sang Mirella in Gounod’s "Mirella" (i.e. the revised version)
1889-90 season Madrid Lakmé, et al.
April 1899 Seville Was hissed in "Lucia di Lammermoor" (reaction to the Spanish-American War)
May 20&27, 1899 Crystal Palace, London
July 1899 Osborne House, England Sang for Queen Victoria
Fall 1899 Paris Emma Nevada introduced Pablo Casals to Mathilde Marchesi
October 28, 1899 New York City Arrival of Emma Nevada on the "Saint Louis"
November 12, 1899 Metropolitan Opera House, New York Concert—The mad scene from "Lucia," the shadow song from "Dinorah," the Bell Song from "Lakmé," "Listen to the Mocking Bird."
November 19, 1899 Metropolitan Opera House, New York Concert—"Chanson du Mysoli," "Come Back Dear Heart," a song written for her by Ion Arnold, "The Star Spangled Banner," a scene from "La Traviata," "The Last Rose of Summer"
November 16, 1901 New York City Emma Nevada and her troupe (incl. Pablo Casals) arrived on the "Saint Paul" for a tour that will take them all across the country in a series of concerts featuring her. (Not all stops are listed.)
November 25, 1901 Worcester, Massachusetts Concert
November 26, 1901 Boston, Massachusetts Concert
March 1, 1902 San Francisco Arrival of Emma Nevada and her company
March 3, 1902 San Francisco Concert
March 8, 1902 San Francisco Concert
March 11, 1902 Oakland, California Concert
March 16, 1902 Mount Tamalpais, California Pablo Casals injures his hand while climbing on Mount Tamalpais and is unable to continue the tour. He recuperates with Michael Stein, the brother of Gertrude Stein.
March 30, 1902 Nevada City, California Concert
1910 Berlin Last stage appearance
June 20, 1940 Liverpool, England Death of Emma Nevada
May 7, 1954 Oakland, California Death of Elvin Wixom, Emma's half-brother
June 25, 1971 Long Melford, England Death of Emma's daughter Mignon


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