ADRIAN JOHN EBELL, son of Henry T. and Mary (Palm) Ebell, was born Sept. 20, 1840, in Jaffnapatam, on the Island of Ceylon. When about ten years of age, he was sent to this country to be educated. He entered the Academical Department of this college, with the class of 1862, remaining however for two terms only. The next year he again entered college with the class of 1863, but retired at the end of one term. He then taught music in New Haven and in Chicago, and served for a short time in the Indian war in Minnesota, with the rank of 1st Lieutenant, and then returned to New Haven and graduated at the Scientific School.

He afterwards studied medicine at the Albany Medical College, graduating M.D. in 1869. In the meantime he had begun to lecture before schools and lyceums on natural science, and in 1871 he established himself in New York City as director of “The International Academy of Natural Science,” which comprised a plan of travel and study in Europe for annually organized classes of young ladies. He embarked from New York, on one of these tours, late in March, 1877, on board the steamship Frisia, and was taken ill almost immediately. He arrived, however, in the harbor at Hamburg, April 10th, and was able with assistance to get on board the small steamer which was to carry passengers to the dock, but died before reaching the shore. The immediate cause of death was rheumatism of the heart.

He was married, in September, 1874, to Oriana L., daughter of Dr. A.J. Steele, of New York, who survives him. —Obituary Record of Graduates of Yale College, 1872-1881, p. 277.


Adrian J. Ebell, M.D.

A dispatch from London yesterday announced the death of Prof. Adrian J. Ebell of this city. He was on board the steamer Frisia on his way to Hamburg, and died a short time before the arrival of the vessel in that port. Prof. Ebell was of German origin, and was about 38 years of age. He obtained his education in this country, and had received the degrees of Ph.D. and M.D. Several years ago he established the Ebell International Academy, which comprised a university system for ladies in Berlin and tours of object study and travel in Europe. The Academy was established at No. 18 Cooper Union in this city, and at No. 12 Koniginn[sic] Augusta Strasse in Berlin. The Rev. Leonard Woolsey Bacon was the European agent at Geneva, Switzerland. Prof. Ebell was accompanying a party of ladies abroad at the time of his death, and another division was to leave this city in a short time. About two years ago Prof. Ebell was married to a daughter of Dr. A.J. Steele of the Electro-Medical College at St. mark's Place and Second Ave. His sister, Mrs. Cheney, is a resident of this city. — New York Daily Tribune, Friday, April 13, 1877, p. 8, col. 4.

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