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Social and Ethical Technology

Social and Ethical practices of

using technology need to be

stressed at a young age. My

students have done little work with

information found on the Internet.

They are starting to explore and

discover the multitude of

informatoin that is available to

them on the computer. Therefore,

they need to be taught how to use

this tremendous resource.

Rockford Public Schools Student Disipline Code of Conduct
Computer Piracy: Having possession of
and/or use of unauthorized software that was
copied, downloaded, transferred, or
transmitted from a legal source. Includes
MP3 files.
1. Notify Parent
2. Loss of computer usage
3. 1-5 day in-school suspension, suspension,
or expulsion
Computer Vandalism: Circumventing
security software, destruction of files
(deletion and modification), unauthorized
access (network, network modems and
computer stations), physical destruction of
computer equipment, disassembling of
computer, peripherals or network cables.
1. Notify Parent
2. Loss of computer usage
3. Payment of damages
4. 1-5 days suspension or expulsion
Inappropriate Use of Internet: Viewing,
printing or copying materials of an
inappropriate, profane, sexual, or unethical
1. Notify Parent
2. Loss of computer usage
3. 1-5 days suspension or expulsion
Taken from: http://www.rockfordschools.org/main/codeofconduct.pdf

Before working with any technology my students will be taught the basics of proper Internet and technology use. I have created a series of 3 lessons to introduce my students to the necessary technologies they will need to complete their Action Plan and provide them with the social and ethical practices of the Internet.
Social & Ethical Uses of Technology Lesson Plan

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