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Rob's Homepage


Who the heck am I, anyway?

Currently I am a research assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science at Michigan State University. If you want a fancy title, I'm the 'Associate Director of the Center for Animal Functional Genomics'. Wheesh. This is largely a bioinformatics position, which means mainly I write computer programs (usually in PERL) to annotate DNA or protein sequences, and consult with various researchers about how best to analyze, interpret, and present their data. Sometimes I teach bioinformatics techniques and how to program in PERL, and sometimes I even get to do that in exotic locales. I received my Ph.D. in 1998 from Northwestern University in cancer biology. More specifically, on potential new biological therapies for multiple myeloma. My postdoctoral work was in genomics and toxicology, where I helped develop cDNA microarrays and examined gene expression in the mouse testis after exposure to various environmental estrogens.

Due to popular demand, a few photos of me. Why people care what I look like is beyond me...

Orchid Stuff

I've finally done it, I'm now a semi-professional orchid grower. What is semi-professional? Means I do it in my copious free time (still need a real job), and it will be years before I see a profit. But you can help me out by visiting my store: Little Frog Farm

Take a tour of my old plant room
Take a tour of my new greenhouse.
Want some sunflowers?

When I'm not doing my real job, frequently I am admiring, buying, or raising orchids. I'm also a semi-professional orchid grower, and a certified judge in the Great Lakes Regional Judging Center (Ann Arbor, MI). If it isn't apparent from the pictures, I mainly specialize in Paphiopedilum and Phragmipedium, but I also grow species orchids from almost every major section and have developed quite a taste for Cycnoches. Don't hesitate to ask questions, I live for that kind of thing... If you've gotten this far, I also give talks about orchids as time permits.

Currently available orchid talks - Contact me for scheduling and other information:

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Peat based potting mixes:

Check out a paper that Harvey Brenneise and I wrote for The American Orchid Society Bulletin (now called Orchids) Growing Orchids in Mud

More Work Stuff (Perl)

Here are some of my lecture notes for portions of courses I have taught in Perl (a programming language). Very basic stuff, and the WHO notes are probably the best, if you are looking for a place to start. They aren't intended to be a substitute for actual in person instruction, but they may prove useful to the novice. Or not... Some of the material is directly lifted from the course where I learned how to do this, found here, some of it is based on the notes of previous instructors, and some of it is my own, but it is probably best to ask permission to reproduce any of it, just in case. And yes, if you are interesting in having me teach you how to do this kind of thing, I'm more than happy to give it a try.