Welcome! I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Michigan State University and a faculty affiliate of Human Capital and Economic Opportunity Global Working Group at the University of Chicago. My research and teaching interests are microeconomics, matching theory, game theory, labor economics, and family economics. Welcome to Theory Brown Bag on Wednesdays, Theory Reading Group on Thursdays, Theory Seminar and Applied Economics Seminar on Fridays, as well as many other wonderful seminars!

I have been awarded National Science Foundation Grant #IIS-1928278 ($1.2 million) as a co-PI from 2019 to 2022 for our interdisciplinary work "Intelligent Social Network Interventions to Augment Human Cognition for Bolstered Interdisciplinary Interactions in Project Teams".

***We are HIRING***
  • a construction management/economics PhD, please email me and/or Sinem Molloaglu: a construction management student preferably with engineering background that will learn social networks and economic analyses and will mainly be in charge of the data collection and analysis efforts for the AEC case study project data (i.e., case study focus). The student will focus on collecting the network data for the social network analysis and worker and project data for the economic and social cost-benefit analysis. The student’s thesis and study focus will be on the impact on social and economic outcomes based on project and worker improvements (namely individual utility) via automated social network interventions received during AEC projects.