Daniel B. Hayes

334C Natural Resources Building 
Michigan State University 
East Lansing, MI 48824-1222
Phone: (517) 432-3781 
FAX: (517) 432-1699 
Email: hayesdan@msu.edu

My position is funded through the Partnership for Ecosystem Research and Management, a cooperative venture between the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Michigan State University.  My primary research interest is to determine how fish habitat affects their population dynamics. By linking population dynamics with habitat, I hope to help fishery managers in their goal of sustaining valuable fisheries. One area that I have been particularly involved in is the impact of dams and dam removals on fish habitat and fish communities. I am also interested in the impact of fishing on fish populations, as well as the general ecology of fishes.  To accomplish these interests, I generally take a mathematical modeling or statistical approach to problem solving. I also try to take advantage of opportunities to do whole-system manipulations as I feel this is one of the best ways to understand ecosystem functioning.

My principal graduate teaching appointment is FW853, Applied Systems Modeling and Simulation for Natural Resource Management. At the undergraduate level, I currently teach FW101L and STT224.  In the past I have also taught FW424 and FW414.  I also have the honor of leading the MSU Antarctica Study Abroad every other year (next expedition I lead will be in 2009-2010).

Current projects:

  • Impact of the removal of Stronach Dam on fish and fish habitat in the Pine River, Michigan
  • Modeling the demographics and genetics of lake sturgeon
  • Modeling the dynamics of beech scale insects in Michigan

Opportunities for Graduate Studies

I generally only take on graduate students when I have funds to support them on a research assistantship. As such, the number of students I take on and their start dates depend on new projects I get funded. I presently do not have funds to take on an additional student.  I encourage students seeking a Ph.D. to talk with me, however, as there are a number of fellowship opportunities that can be pursued.



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