Human Biology Club

Human Biology Club Applications for the year 2016-2017 are open please be sure to apply!

Application will be sent via e-mail, for members who have signed up for the club meetings.


All Fall 2017 Meetings will be held @ 7:30pm in 107 Bessey Hall

We have had a great year and want to thank you all for for being a part of Human Biology Club!

Next Meeting:3/14/2017

Speaker: Neurologist

Aim: Get all your questions answered about Neurology and DO

See you all 7:30 pm!


End of The Year Survey

Please take a couple of minutes and fill out the survey by clicking on the "End of The Year Survey" link above to give us some feedback for next year! Thank you!



The MSU Human Biology Club gives students the opportunity to meet with like-minded peers, while improving themselves both professionally and personally.  The club provides a variety of intellectual guest speakers to guide students on their path to professional success. This club is meant to be fun; as well as, educational!