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  March 28, 2009.

This update adds the 2009 Iditarod and Stan's calendar, The update also continues to  put increasing reliance on family photo sites. You can expect the most recent content to be on the photo sites.


This is the website of the Hecker family, in East Lansing, Michigan.

All images are family-created images unless otherwise noted. Non-family photos are by permission.

Photo cutlines are sometimes sparse; this site does not provide personal information about people who are outside the public spotlight unless specific release is granted.

Stan's Calendar

Stan's calendar is here for anyone who wishes to use it.

Stan's Resumé

Use this link to see Stan's general professional resumé.

The 2009 Iditarod

Stan volunteered as a stagehand roadie for the Junior Iditarod this year, but didn't go out on the trail for the big race this year. He was "promoted" to night-shift supervisor of the central communications office for the race. Interesting, but nowhere near as fun as being out on the trail. Click here to link to the photos.

The 2008 Football Season Tailgate

The Marinez and Hecker families conspired again to host tailgating for the Spartan football season Click here to link to the photos!

The 2008 Iditarod!!

Stan followed the Iditarod trail again this year as a volunteer for the 2008 Iditarod. Click here to link to the photos.

Tailgating With the Marinez Family

For years, Dawn and Stan have celebrated Spartan football tailgate parties with Willy and Lauren Marinez. Check out the photos for each year on the family Flickr site. You can click on specific photos or run a slideshow. Once you select a photo, you can view or download it in a variety of sizes.

2007 --A winning season under new head coach Mark Dantonio, and the debut of the popular "wolverine tableaux."
2006 --John L. Smith continues to lose football games.
2005 -- another lackluster season; again, tailgating was the highlight.
2004 --tailgating was the highlight of the season!

(2005-2007 photos by the Marinez family.)

Genisio-Family Picasa Site

Brian and Cara have put their family photos on their photo site. It includes family vacations and visits.  The site includes photos of the latest addition to the family, Cara and Brian's daughter, Maia. Use this link to reach the images:

The Hecker-Family Flickr Site

The tailgating links and the recent Iditarod links (links both above and below) lead to specific places on the Hecker-Family Flickr Site.
You can click on specific photos or run a slideshow. Once you select a specific photo, you can view or download the image in a variety of sizes. Use this link to reach the top page of that site:

Dawn and Mary visit Joanna in Rome, Italy

Three women live it up in overheated Rome in high summer, June/July, 2005. Use this link.

Wellington (Bill) Cowles, July 10, 1917 to November 29, 2003, a memory.

Recreation & Leisure

Yentna Iditarods
Rainy Pass Iditarods
Iditarod, 2003: A dog-sled race without much snow!
Iditarod, 2004: On the trail of a broken ankle!
Iditarod, 2005: a reprise!
Iditarod, 2006
Iditarod, 2007

Family Dogs
--although two photos are missing!

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