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Gary Hoppenstand. Michigan State University.

Department of Writing, Rhetoric and American Culture.

253 Bessey Hall. East Lansing, MI 48824.


Referred Journal Articles

 “Hollywood Cowboys and Confederates in Mexico: Andrew V. McLaglen’s The Undefeated (1969).” Popular Culture Review 14:1 (2003): 121-128.

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Periodical Publications

"What We Can Learn from Popular Fiction.” Bottom Line Personal: Home of America’s Top Experts in Everything. 25:16 (2004) 11-12.

 “MSU is the Global Leader in the Study of Popular Culture.” MSU Alumni Magazine 21:2 (2004): 18-21.

Hoppenstand, Gary, and Erik Lunde.  “Spartans in Hollywood.”  MSU Alumni Magazine 16:3 (1999):  16-22.

 “Murder and Other Acts of High Society:  Thorne Smith’s Did She Fail?” The Armchair Detective 26:4 (1993):  62-67.