Robert P. Hubbard


  • B.S.M.E Duke University, 1965
  • M.S. University of Illinois 1967
  • Ph.D. University of Illinois 1970


Areas of Interest

Biomechanics and biomechanical product design.

Representative Publications

  1. Boughner, R. and R. Hubbard, 1992, "A New Head and Neck Support Device for Handicapped Children", presented at and in the Proc. of the First Conf. of the Saudi Benevolent Assoc. for Handicapped Children, Riyahd, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Hubbard, R., W. Haas, R. Boughner, R. Canole, and N. Bush, 1993, "New Biomechanical Models for Automobile Seat Design", presented at the 1993 SAE Internat. Cong. and Expos., and pap. n o. 930110, also in Soc. of Auto. Engin. Publication SP-963: "Seat S tem Comfort and Safety", and in the 1993 SAE Transactions.
  3. Hubbard, R. and J. Downing, 1993, "Driver Experience and Recent Developments with the HANSr Head and Neck Support", presented at the 1993 Congress of the International Council of Motorsports Sciences, Houston, Texas.
  4. Hubbard, R., P. Begeman, and J. Downing, "Biomechanical Evaluation and Driver Experience with the Head and Neck Support", presented at and in the proceedings of the Motor Sports Engineering Conference and exposition, Soc. of Auto. Engin., Dec. 5-8, 19, SAE paper No. 942466, 1994.
  5. Bush, T., F. Mills, R. Hubbard, J. Vorro, and K. Thakurta, "The Use of Electromyography for Seat Assessment and Comfort Evaluation", presented at the 1995 Soc. of Auto. Engin, Congress, paper no. 950143, and published in Sp-1088, 1005.
  6. Frost, B., R. Hubbard, and R. Boughner, "Articulating Torso Contours for Automotive Seat Design", Doc. of Auto. Engin. Congress, paper no. 970590, 1997.
  7. Hubbard, R., and C. Gedratitis, "Biomechanically Articulating Seat Concept and Prototypes", Soc. of Auto. Engin. Congress, paper no. 970591, 1997.
  8. Ekern, D., C. Gedraitis, R. Hubbard, and N. Bush, "Kinetic Modeling of Human Posture in Automotive Seats", Soc. of Auto. Engin. Comgress, paper no. 970592, 1997.
  9. Hubbard, R., M. Gedraitis, and T. Bush, "Simulation of Torso Posture and Motion in Seating", Soc. of Auto. Engin, Digital Human Modeling for Design and Engineering Conference, paper no. 981304, 1998.

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