Youtube Tutorial

By: Chad Huntley, & Tommy Simon, & Travis Duffy

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add a video to your personal webpage, and methods of improving the appearance of its display. This tutorial will prepare you to incorporate a multimedia dimension to your website. We will concentrate on the recently popular phenomonon website As youtube explains on its website, "Everyone can watch videos on YouTube—both on and across the Internet. People can see first-hand accounts of current events, find videos about their hobbies and interests, and discover the quirky and unusual. As more people capture special moments on video, YouTube is empowering them to become the broadcasters of tomorrow." In many ways the content on is more interesting than popular television shows. If you have never been to you should go, search for anything from videos of your favorite muscians to old cartoons that you have not seen in years. Anything that has ever been recorded seems to be on

A Screenshot

This tutorial is designed for users who already have a website, or have viewed the “Web Page Creation” tutorial. We will assume that you already have that you are prepared with webspace. However, this process is not difficult, and if you have a simple webpage, and know nothing else about using it, then our tutorial is for you.

We will start by walking you through the simple steps of embeding (putting) the youtube video on your website. Once we have done that we will walk you through steps of customizing the appearance so that the video appears on your website exactly how you want it. We will teach various methods of centering content, changing text color and size, changing the background color, and other useful features.