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Michigan State University Department of Zoology

Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Program

BEACON: The Center for the study of Evolution in action


David Houle - Quantitative genetics of complex traits including wing shape in Drosophila.

Tony Frankino - The relationship between genotypic and phenotypic variation affecting trait evolution.

Alexander Shingleton - Integrative developmental biology.

Douglas Emlen - Doug works on the most awesome beetles!!! Check out his stuff

Jeff Conner - Jeff works on the evolution of R.raphanistrum

Shin-han Shiu - Shin-han works on developing genomic resources for R.raphanistrum

Kay Holekamp - Kay works on mammalian behavior.

General Drosophila

Flybase - A link to the main Drosophila database, with links to just about everything else.

Interactive Fly - Information about fly genes, development, etc...

DGRC - Drosophila Genome Research Centre

Canadian Drosophila Microarray Centre

Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project

Regulatory Regions in Drosophila

Drosophila DNase1 Footprinting Database - Functionally characterized binding sites

cis-analyst - Searches the fly genome for conserved binding site

McPromoter prediction - Monte Carlo Promoter prediction

Target Explorer - Another online system for predicting binding sites

Drosophila Polymorphisms and Population Genetics

Drosophila Polymorphism Database

Fly Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Project

BDGP Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Maps

Drosophila Population Genomics Project

Drosophila Comparative Genomics

Drosophila species genome pages

Drosophila pseudoobscura Genome Project

Drosophila simulans and yakuba Genome projects

VISTA - Suite of tools for comparitive sequence analysis

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Google Scholar


Labs of Interest

Ellen Larsen - My Ph.D supervisor.

Greg Gibson- My Post-Doctoral supervisor.

Corbin Jones - Genomics of adaptation in Drosophila; a great colloborator.

Chris Klingenberg - Another lab with a focus on canalization and variation in wing shape in Drosophila.


Stony Brook Morphometrics