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Ebola Awareness

The dramatic shift and re-emergence of Ebola, a viral epidemic with a high mortality rate, has been happening since spring of 2014 in West Africa. Local, national and international health organizations, public health experts, health researchers and policymakers are closely monitoring the outbreak in Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, and other affected countries like Nigeria. The public health impact of Ebola is a significant challenge especially in those countries that substantially lack adequate infrastructures. MSU-IIH believes a global taskforce with an interdisciplinary approach is essential for rapid control response of Ebola, in order to stop the epidemic.

Study Abroad
Study Abroad

We offer study abroad elective courses to both undergraduates, medical, and nursing students at MSU to improve their understanding of global health issues and to encourage their development as global health care professionals.

Study Abroad
New Study Abroad Program Cuba

OST 685: Introduction to Cuban Health System & Cuban Culture April 2nd-16th, 2016

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Study Abroad
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In one short week the trip provided me with a good understanding of the local culture and the local medical practices of the Yucatan. I had the chance not only to observe surgeries and general consultations but also to explore the Mayan ruins, learn from local medical students, and discuss traditional healing. (OST 590: Community Medicine in the Yucatan, Mexico) –Jackie

This trip has been the most life changing and rewarding experience I've ever encountered. My heart is set to return to the beautiful and friendly city of Merida.–Jasmine

The Community Medicine in Yucatan trip led by Dr. Nassiri and Sung Soo was single handely the best experience I have had as an undergraduate student. Our activities ranged from watching a live birth to visiting the ancient ruins of Uxmal. I know this is a trip I will cherish forever..–Sonam

The Community Medicine in Yucatan, Mexico program allowed me the unique opportunity to experience firsthand how health care is approached internationally. I would highly recommend this program to any student interested in a health-related profession.–Ryan