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Sam's Club Graciously Donates Medications

Sam’s Club has graciously donated approximately $1,000 of OTC medications which will be delivered by the Spring Break 2013 OST 590: Community Medicine in the Yucatan Study Abroad Experience students. The Institute of International Health gratefully acknowledges this generous donation.

Young Russian Doctor participates in shadowing experience coordinated by IIH
Young Russian Doctor Participates in Shadowing Experience Coordinated by IIHYoung Russian Doctor Participates in Shadowing Experience Coordinated by IIH

Caption: Dr. Anna Shlykova and Dr. Steven Lown.

Dr. Anna Shlykova, an OB/GYN physician from St. Petersburg, Russia, participated in a shadowing experience at MetroHealth Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI, this summer. Her rotation was coordinated by MSU's Institute of International Health (IIH). Dr. Shlykova spent three weeks working with MetroHealth's chief of OB/GYN, Dr. Steven Lown.

"Every day I learned something new in the sphere of what I have studied for many years in Russia," stated Dr. Shlykova.

During her surgery rotation, Shlykova was able to observe c-sections and various gynecological surgeries. For the first time, she observed robotic surgery. In each instance she had a chance to compare and discuss different medical problems with Dr. Lown. Dr. Lown and Dr. Shlykova were very interested in comparing the Russia and US health care systems. Dr. Shlykova was introduced to patients' histories, and took part with Dr. Lown in discussion about potential solutions.

"I want to really say a big, big, big THANK YOU to all the staff of MetroHealth Hospital, to the staff of the Ob/Gyn department, especially to Dr. Steven Lown, to all the people at Michigan State University and a big THANK YOU to Dr. William Cunningham and his great family and friends for helping make my dream come true!" said Shlykova. "You can hardly imagine how wonderful it was to feel like you are at home when you come to a new country alone!"

"It was very hard for me to leave Grand Rapids but I was very happy to be enriched by the kindness and immense desire to make my trip wonderful in every aspect! Thank you very much!"

IIH Connects with Universities in Malaysia
IIH Connects with Universities in Malaysia

Caption: Dr. Reza Nassiri with 18 universitiy administrators from Malaysia.

Ten university administrators from Malaysia visited Michigan State University for three weeks, from June 11 to July 1, 2012 to discuss possible program opportunities between the Institute of International Health and these universities. These programs will promote the mission of IIH, OneHealth, and the American osteopathic medicine model. On June 21st, Dr. Nassiri delivered a presentation on the holistic OneHealth approach to today's global health crisises and how it relates to MSU and IIH's mission. The administrators were impressed with concept of an integrative approach for sustainable health management and are interested in developing programs in the OneHealth perspective to make a difference in Malaysian health system. Next year, Dr. Nassiri will be invited by various Malaysian universities to discuss future curriculum and training programs for Malaysians.

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