Scholarship Opportunities

The Whittier International Health Student Endowment Fund is intended to promote Michigan State University students' outlook toward international health, to enrich their experience in the field through exposure to international health settings, and to enhance their education and career potential as health professionals in the United States. In particular, these awards are intended to encourage and support students and give them the initiative to seek international opportunities to further their progress. The award amount for students is up to $500.

  • Eligibility
    • Michigan State University Graduate Student (Masters or Ph.D. level).
    • College of Osteopathic Medicine student.
    • College of Human Medicine student.
    • Must have character and other personal attributes that contribute to a high probability of success in an international setting.

    Funding available for:

    • International health research (graduate level).
    • Approved IIH international electives (4-6 week duration) for fourth year medical students.
    • Financial need may be considered.

  • Uses of the Award
    • Preferred use of the award is for travel funds (for international students, research in one's own country does not qualify). Other purposes will have to be approved by IIH.
    • The funds are not to be used as support to attend conferences or for short-term experiences (less than four weeks).
    • Successful applicants will be notified by the end of fall semester and the funds will be expended by the end of the following summer semester.

  • Application
      • Whittier Application Form
      • A short proposal. Must include details about the nature of the international experience, where it will be, when, and how long you plan to be there. In the case of medical clerkships, the program must be COM or CHM approved for credit clerkships (at least 4-6 weeks in duration). Applicants will need to state both the name of the person and the department that has approved their clerkship.
      • Two letters of recommendation from faculty, including one from the student's advisor, specifically endorsing and describing the proposed use of funds.
      • A one page C.V.

  • Deadline
      • Whittier Application Form
      • All application materials must be turned in to the main office of the Institute of International Health (B-319 West Fee Hall) by December 31st prior to the summer in which you plan to travel.

        Applications are reviewed and awards are selected by the IIH Advisory Council. Award funds will be paid through the Student Receivables system.

Students interested in applying for this scholarship, please contact Michael Miller for more information.

Please note: A brief three-to-five page report summarizing the student's international experience will be required within one month of the completion of the program. Please acknowledge the funds from IIH on the title page of the report.