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Beyond Clause 8? Weird name. What is it?

Beyond Clause 8 is a blog concerned with just that - topics both encompassed by and beyond Art. I, Sec. 8, Cl. 8 of the United States Constitution - the "Copyright Clause." We've had articles on privacy law, cyberspace law, emerging technologies, and much, MUCH more.

The blog has two components: the Main Page and the METAFeed. The Main Page consists of full length articles between 250-1500 words on recent legal topics. The METAFeed, on the other hand, are short blurbs about breaking legal news posted with links to relevant news stories - think Twitter.

Sounds great. Where do I sign up?

Glad you asked! We will be posting the BC8 application in the Spring semester, but until then there's more information about the whole blog in this Powerpoint.

Whoa whoa, wait. What exactly am I signing up for?

Smart question. Generally, we expect our authors to write three Main Page articles throughout the year, and one METAFeed post per month. Not too bad, right?

What's in it for me?

Even smarter question. Here's 5 reasons. (1) Bragging rights for getting published on an up-and-coming legal blog. (2) You'll get to brush shoulders with leading IP scholars and professors. (3) Hone your writing skills and increase your legal knowledge - always a good idea. (4) Meet some cool people. No, really. (5) Résumé builder. Need we say more?


The Beyond Clause 8 Blog (BC8) was started as a flagship project of the Media, Entertainment, Technology & Arts (META) Law group at Michigan State University College of Law (hence the carryover name for the METAFeed. Clever, huh?).

In 2013, the blog came under the umbrella of the Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) and continues to be a forum for discussion of issues relating to intellectual property, free speech, antitrust, technology and everything in between. The BC8 blog continues to feature the work of first-, second-, and third-year law students, as well as that of practitioners and policy experts. The goal of the BC8 blog is to open discussion on modern issues related to intellectual property and technology. IPLS thanks the Intellectual Property Department and faculty, especially Professor Adam Candeub and the former members of the META law group for creating this forum for students to express their thoughts on pressing intellectual property and related issues.