Personal Interests


Photography is no longer just a hobby for me - it's a passion. A growing selection of my photographic art can be found on my Photography Page.


My husband and I recently purchased sea kayaks. This is a picture of us toodling around the Huron River (near Ann Arbor, MI). Kayaking has been a lot of fun so far, even though we are still learning our technique!


SCUBA Diving

My husband and I both love to SCUBA dive. We both have done a lot of diving in the Great Lakes for work, but love a dip in the tropical waters as well.



It's funny how some experiences as a kid influence your whole life. My dad started taking me fishing when I was big enough to hold a fishing pole. Little did he realize that I would later devote much of my professional and personal life toward fishing (specifically, the sustainability of fishery resources and ecosystems). I have more recently begun deer hunting (thanks also to Dad).

This is a picture of me reeling in a big walleye on Lake Erie!

David Quammen is one of the best nature writers I have found. His writing covers the topics of ecology, conservation, evolution, ethics, and the relationship of humans to each of these ares. The first article of his I read, "Planet of Weeds" (originally published in Harpers October, 1998), had a strong influence on my decision to become an evolutionary ecologist, specializing in invasive species. Quammen's writing style is exceptional in that, admist intriguing scientific discussion, he interjects philosophy that stirs the soul.
Since DJing for the student radio station at Augustana College (WAUG), I have been interested in world music. Six Degrees and New Earth Records have proved to be solid labels.
Every now and again, while reading a book or watching a movie, we come across a phrase that resonates with us. I began writing down those phrases a few years ago. Click here to read a few of my favorite quotes.



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