Service-Learning Writing Project
Audience Assessment Worksheet


Instructions for Students: COMPLETELY fill out this form - collaboratively - with your agency contact person as well as with others engaged with your agency (possibly during your first meeting). Identifying your specific audience is a VERY important aspect of dealing with your community writing project audience.

When completed, post it on your SLWP Webfolio. Meantime, please fill out this form clearly, using COMPLETE SENTENCES for EVERY response. NOTE: do NOT begin your responses with a restatement of the question!

Obviously, this document is NOT a "form," as inadequate space has been provided for responses. You are to make adequate room for responses when posting this document.

Remove this box (between the ---snip--- marks) before posting the document. Also remove ALL instructions in parentheses, below.

If you or your agency contact does not have a phone, fax, or email address, please eliminate that; while this will be posted as an HTML document in your SLWP webfolio, it must look "clean."

This document is to be completed and posted before the end of the SIXTH week of the semester!


Student Writer




Contact Person


Brief Description of Project (may be copied and pasted from question #II of SLWP Agreement/Proposal):

1. How large is the audience (approximately how many people will likely be viewing the final product)?

2.a. How diverse is the audience? (PLEASE BE VERY SPECIFIC WITH ALL RESPONSES TO #2!)

2.b. What is their gender, age, economic, political, and social background?

2.c. What distinguishes them as a group? (That is, what specifies them as YOUR audience?)

3. What values do you share with the audience?

4. How are your values different from those of the audience?

5. Will the audience be interested in the subject? Why?

6. How will learning about the subject benefit the audience?

7. What specific steps can you take to engage readers' interest in the subject?

8a. What background knowledge does the audience need in order to understand the issues covered in the document/s?

8b. Will any technical or agency-specific words or concepts need to be defined or explained? (Describe in full with examples.)

9. What steps do you need to take to reach out to the audience effectively and explain the subject more convincingly?

10. How can you anticipate objections the audience may have to the information, approach, or point of view of your document?

updated: 5/2002