Service-Learning Writing Project Update


Instructions for Students: COMPLETELY fill out this form before the agreed-upon deadlines stipulated on Agreement) and let your agency contact person know it will be posted on your SLWP Webfolio.

Obviously, this document is NOT a "form," as inadequate space has been provided for responses. Students are to make adequate room for responses when posting this document. NOTE: do NOT begin your responses with a restatement of the question! (Example of what NOT to do: "The specific audience for the project is....")

Remove this box (between the ---snip--- marks) before posting the document. Also remove ALL instructions in (parentheses), below.

If you or your agency contact does not have a phone, fax, or email address, please eliminate that; while this will be posted as an HTML document in your SLWP webfolio, it must look "clean."




Contact Person:


Student Writer:


Brief outline of your Project: (best described with a copied description from your Agreement and a bullet list of what is to be done)

1. Describe in detail your progress to date:

What have you completed?
What is in progress?
What remains to be assigned or completed?

2. Have any problems surfaced? Describe:

3. Your plan for dealing with problems or obstacles:

4. What else do you need to do to meet your deadlines?

created 11.98
updated: 1.03