Some (Quite Good!) Sample
Annotated Bibliographic Entries -
Which Were Submitted for Another Class

NOTE 1: These are good examples for the annotated bibliographies of your presentation materials.

NOTE 2: Simply as a result of the way HTML is configured, please be aware of the fact that these bibliographic entries don't "look right." Naturally, when writing for paper media, the first line of an MLA-style bibliographic entry (as well as most others) should be fully aligned to the left margin, with subsequent lines indented one inch, a "hanging indent." We will, of course, use bullets to simulate this. Also, you should not use the "teletype" font I've used for these entries.

  • Alexander, David. "Gene Roddenberry: Creator, Producer, Philosopher, Humanist." The Humanist 51.2 (March 1991): 5-30. 

  • Bartter, Martha A. The Way to Ground Zero: The Atomic Bomb in American Science Fiction. NY: Greenwood, 1988. 

  • Fletcher, Joseph. The Ethics of Genetic Control. NY: Anchor P., 1974. 

  • Toffler, Alvin. Future Shock. NY: Random House, 1970. 

[1] Please note these examples are not from a single annotated bibliography; this explains the wide stylistic variety. They were written by students for my Fall 1995 "Dark Technological Fantasy Literature" class; I sampled only a very few of the many excellent submissions. I made only minor changes from the original texts to facilitate understanding by other readers. My gratitude to those scholars! [back]