AL210 Midterm One

Midterm Exam Written Section

Part One: “Doing What Was Supposed to Already Be Done”

Go to the Student Pages webpage. Click on your name, your personal statement, your blog, and your AL210 Projects links. Make sure the links all work from that page and from each other. Make sure images are where they’re supposed to be. Make sure you have (a) a description of your Final Project idea and (b) a description of your progress toward that project (yes, that [b] thing is new).

DUE: Noon on Wednesday, 3.17.04

Part Two: “Just DYUO (demonstrate your understanding of) these statements.”

1. What's the difference between “pulling” and “pushing” users, as described by Moll? (100-200 words)

2. Review the "key points" of the Williams article (pages 393-394). Which, do you think, are the two most important points to bear in mind when designing web pages? Which, do you think, are the two least important points? Why? (150-300 words)

DUE: Noon on Wednesday, 3.17.04 (Email your responses to me <>)

Part Three: “Walk Like a Semiotician”

This you do with your group; I should therefore receive three Final Drafts – with everyone in the group receiving the same score (so it’s up to Moes to make certain everyone pitches in equally). Have some fun with this but take it quite seriously!

You’ve been hired to compose an Index Page with no more than 5 or less than 2 images – “PhotoShopped” however you wish – “describing” (that is, using your knowledge of semiotics) the concept for your new employer.

1. Pick an employer/concept.

Client One: Kanser Brand Toothpaste (and they refuse to change their proud name, BTW)
Campaigns that failed: “You need Kanser in your mouth.” “Kanser does a body good.” “It’s Kanseriffic!”

Client Two: US Military
Campaigns that failed: “Five WTC towers of Iraqi civilian casualties? No WMDs? BIG DEAL! Americans LOVE that sweet Iraqi SUV juice!” “So what if it’s tainted with a little blood. You wanted cheap oil. You got it.” This didn't go over so well either....

2. Develop a new campaign around the new Signs you’ve created.

3. Now write between 500-700 words to your employer describing why you chose the images you did, how you manipulated them, and how those signifiers convey what’s signified (i.e., the Signs) required for the concept you’re developing. [NOTE: please simply offer a statement on the bottom of the page indicating the sources for the original images. That should be sufficient to “cover” us!]

Due: Noon on Saturday, 3.20.04 (Moes are to email me <> the URL with the Final Draft by that time.)