Regardless of your position on capital punishment, NOBODY wants the innocent executed. Studies have demonstrated that one in seven people sent to death row are later proven innocent, and more innocent people are being sent to death row every year. Since capital punishment was reinstated in 1973, 86 death row prisoners nationwide have been found to be innocent - at least eight as a result of DNA evidence. These prisoners spent an average of seven years on death row before proving their innocence. Meanwhile, the time between the average capital conviction and execution is eight years. Given drastic new restrictions on prisoner appeals resulting from the Congress' 1996 Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) and similar state legislation, this timeframe is only expected to shorten.
Click HERE to go to the Constitution Project. Click HERE to go to the ACLU page. Click HERE to learn more about HR 3623 and SR 2073 to

SUPPORT HR 3623 by contacting the House Judiciary Committee
(202-225-3951; 225-7682 fax); locate and email your Representative.
SUPPORT SR 2073 by contacting the Senate Judiciary Committee
(202-224-5225; 224-9102 fax); locate and email your Senator.
URGE George W. Bush to support a federal moratorium!
Smail: Office of the President/1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW/Washington, DC 20500
Phone: 202-456-1414; FAX: 456-2461
Email: president@whitehouse.gov

Yo! First, Plain-and-Simple: Help Save Some Lives

Let your voice be heard in the campaign to save the life of Mumia Abu Jamal. (For an explanatory report, see this article.)
Learn of the controversy surrounding the case of Leonard Peltier. (For an explanatory report, see this article - and here it is as a PDF file.)
Learn all about Amnesty International and - regardless of your political leanings - you can do something selfless and good.
A link to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Just as Plain-and-Simple: Help Save Some Freedoms

So what's with this Constitution thing everyone makes such a fuss about?
Now why would you - or any other Eagle Scout - want to burn a virtual flag...?
Speaking of ... what of that pledge?
Or, for that matter, the (so-called) National Anthem?
Here's the Right Side ...
... and the Progressive Side.
Think registering to vote's a hassle? Think again!
Learn about the BGSU Coalition.
Learn about BGSU's Women's Studies.
Unsubstantiated rumors on politicos? Sure! Check out well-picked bones in Skeleton Closet!
The National Journal and Hotline 's "PoliticsUSA" has merged with the Newsweek/Washington Post/ ABC News-sponsored "ElectionLine" to become Politics Now.
Time & CNN's AllPolitics: hotter than off the presses ... and some clever interactive games.
Campaign finance data and other (a-hem) humor at Project Vote Smart.
Democratic Socialists of America are still hard at it!
Don'tcha have to wonder what Debs would've thought of the Cybercenter?
"We use humor to ... show that feminists can be funny."
The Federation of American Scientists' Project on Government Secrecy. (Shhh!)
Link up with the ACLU (and announce to the world you carry that card with pride, dammit).
Jello and Hunter in '96? (Or 2000?) Could be a little wierd (but fun); could be a little more weird (but still fun); yet more weird (and yet more fun); and it could be FAR worse, I reckon....
What of Electronic Freedoms...?
What of internet privacy? This is Pretty Good Privacy.
Shame-shame-shame on those (corporate) Welfare Mothers!
Keep the Library of Congress free!
Hey, I have an idea: if you don't want an abortion, just don't get one. Simple? You bet!
If we MUST watch Lucifer's Dream Box, why not check out Michael Moore, his book Downsize This, and TV Nation ...?
... or the Simpsons...?
... or - perhaps most subversive of all - Comedy Central ... and USA's Duckman? (Yes, Duckman is no more ... tell Sony!)
Know something? He's STILL a big, fat idiot.
Now here's a site that ought to really raise some hackles!
Dear Mr. Jefferson.... (please, somebody find out who wrote this!)
Side-By-Side comparisons of Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Reagan....
She don't like ... she don't like ... she don't like....
Two great sites on the 2000 election!

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