Service-Learning Writing Project
Agreement and Proposal


Student Writer

Julian Jeberaeel
(248) 943-1629



Contact Person

Dave Smith
(517) 337-9459
(517) 337-3943 (fax)

Date of Agreement


II. PROJECT PROPOSAL (please be VERY specific with ALL responses!)

1. Specific subject/topic/title for project: Promotional Materials for ELROW

2. Specific audience for project: 30 and under, off campus, and renters.

3. How will the document be used by the agency (printed in a newsletter, distributed to the public, kept for agency's internal use)? Again, please remember students will additionally be "posting" their writings to their web space. It will be used by the East Lansing City Commission of Environment.

4. Goals for project: Our goal is to raise awareness, increase participation, and divert more material from going to the landfill.

5. Estimated length of writing project: Not available at this time.

6. Comprehensive outline of project: Not available at this time.

7. How will the writers get most of the information they need (MSU's library system, the agency's library/files, interviews, the internet, etc.)? Please bear in mind students will be expected to be fairly accomplished at researching topics both online and in the MSU library. Once we have decided what information needs to be gathered, we will make a decision on where our research will partake. At this point we are focusing on using local news papers, the MSU library system, and the internet.

8. Project format for agency - remembering a version will be included in your SLWP webfolio (typed hard copy? CD/DVD? brochure? newsletter? only online? other?): We will provide a typed hard copy, DVD, and brochure for our agency.


1. Estimated time needed for research: 65 Hours.

2. Schedule for study group meetings with classmates engaged in the same project: Not available at this time.

3. Schedule for conferences with agency contact person: We are to contact Dave Smith on 2-25-2009 to inform him of our current project.

IV. PROJECT DEADLINES (please list specific dates)

For Progress Updates


For Audience Assessment

First Draft: date
Final Draft: date

For Rough Draft/s to be Reviewed by Contact Person


For Review at the Writing Center


For Final Copy


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