ZOL 355/355L: Introduction to Ecology

This course is taught on campus and also at KBS. KBS is an ideal place to teach Ecology…we have dozens of existing experiments to tap into, on-site greenhouses, and lots of land to conduct our own experiments. And because students live on-site at KBS, they are completely immersed in biology and field station life and are able to interact with a wide variety of researchers with both applied and basic research interests. Because of the small class size and available resources, students do “real” science. Each year the students work on several group projects…For example, in 2010 students investigated the consequences of garlic mustard invasion and garlic mustard removal at a local land preserve. In 2011, students studied how fire can be useful as a management strategy to prevent biological invasions and enhance diversity..

Research Experiences for Teachers

Several teachers have joined the lab as summer researchers through the NSF-funded Research Experience for Teachers program. Most recently, Dave Williams from Lawton High School worked in the lab investigating biological invasions and the Enemy Release Hypothesis. Dave developed a powerpoint presentation and lesson plan highlighting some of this research. Students can use the photos included on the powerpoint and the attached worksheet to learn about invasive species and collect data to test the enemy release hypothesis themselves. Dave is testing this lesson in his courses at Lawton high school during the 2011-2012 school year, but a pilot draft of the lesson plan is posted here: Enemy Release Lesson Powerpoint File, Enemy Release Worksheet.