Course Catalog Description: Developing and maintaining large-scale, interactive Web sites. Visual design, usability, audio and video integration, ongoing site management, and web accessibility.

We will learn syntax. More importantly, we will learn how to learn, we will learn to collaborate, and we will learn to communicate. Syntax changes constantly, but these liberal arts skills will always be valuable over the course of your professional careers.

There are many online resources to help you learn syntax and we will evaluate many of these of the semester.

We will be contributing to a multi-year project, crafting an online space for community deliberation about the future of Greater Lansing. We have a critical mass of content, a clear mission, and realtionships with important community stakeholders.

Over the semester, we will develop the skills needed to add inteactive features to the Our Michigan Ave website. You will improve your HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Ruby on Rails web authoring skills. You can decide whether to focus on navigation, interaction design, information architecture, or other aspects.

This will provide us with a sophisticated context to focus on principles like User Centered Design, Test Driven Development, Object Oriented Programming and other principles that lead to software development practices that are scalable, collaborative, and sustainable.