Greg Johnson, PhD


I am Visiting Lecturer in Linguistics at Louisiana State University.

I recently worked with Christina Tortora on the AAPCAppE as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at CUNY (The College of Staten Island and The Graduate Center). The fellowship was supported by the National Science Foundation, #BCS-1152148 (PI: Tortora). I continue to work with Dr. Tortora on the Variation in Appalachian Verb Forms project

I received my PhD in Linguistics from Michigan State University. My advisor was Alan Munn.


Research Interests

I am interested in Syntax, Morphosyntax, and Syntactic Variation in my native dialect Appalachian English as well as in other dialects and languages.

More specifically, I am interested in how linguistic variation effect syntax and morphology differently.

I am also interested in issues of social justice that relate to dialect use and discrimination in educational settings, courtrooms, and popular culture.


is here.


2015 - "What we Liketa Missed about Restructuring and Auxiliaries: Evidence from Appalachian English. revise and resubmit NLLT

2015 - "Floating Quantifiers are All Stranding: Wh-all in AppE" revise and resubmit LI


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