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Jack Schwille is professor and assistant dean for international studies in education who in 2013 will have had a 50-year career in international research in education, starting as a doctoral student in 1963.  Since 1972, after initial research on France and French education, one of his primary interests has been in cross-national studies of educational achievement, primarily in civic education and mathematics.  Currently, he is co-director of the 17-nation TEDS-M teacher education in mathematics study, the first international assessment of student learning in higher education based on national samples.  He has also worked extensively on international development in education, primarily in Africa, with major projects first in Burundi, then Guinea and now Tanzania.  At the same time, he has been a college administrator for over 25 years with responsibilities for developing an international dimension in research, teaching and outreach throughout the college.


  • Selected honors and distinctions.Honorary Membership in International Association for Evaluation of Educational Achievement (IEA) (IEA’s highest honor, awarded only 22 times in the organization’s 50-year history), 2010.  Helped MSU win 2004 Goldman Sachs Prize for Excellence in International Education and 2006 Best Practice Award for Global and International Teacher Education from the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE); Outstanding book award in 2000 from journal Choice; Ralph Smuckler Award in 1999 for Advancing International Studies at MSU; Member, NRC Board, 1990-1996, on International Comparative Studies in Education (BICSE), National Academy of Sciences

  • Nearly 40 years experience as director/project officer/senior researcher for externally funded projects (while at MSU, director or co-director of projects totaling $8+ million)

  • International leadership in IEA research since 1972, including (a) Spencer IEA research fellowship, University of Stockholm, (1972-74); (b) the first IEA Civic Education Study and other parts of the Six Subject Survey (1972-75); (c) the IEA Second International Mathematics Study (1976-1984); (d) the IEA Second International Civic Education Study (1993-2002); and (e) international study director for the IEA Teacher Education Study (TEDS-M, 2002-2010 with Teresa Tatto et al.)

  • Field work in Africa (and related work), 1986-present.  Currently, education member of MSU team responsible for new integrated rural development project in Tanzania funded by private MSU donor;  MSU PI and senior faculty advisor for USAID educational reform project in Egypt (2003-2005), with Ginsburg et al.; MSU director on World Bank project in Guinea to reconceptualize and bring to national scale professional development for teachers (1993-2002 with Dembélé et al.); sabbatical in Burkina Faso, Guinea, France, and Quebec (1996-97); periods of African fieldwork—primarily Burundi, but also Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Togo (1986-93)

  • University advisor-participant in LATTICE, 1995-present.  An award-winning professional development study group of MSU international students and Lansing area K-12 teachers

  • MSU Coordinator for USAID funded BRIDGES research, 1985-92 on quality of primary education in developing countries (with Wheeler, Tatto, Tsang, Raudenbush and consortium colleagues)

  • Assistant Dean, International Studies in Education, MSU, 1984-present.  Responsible for developing international dimension in research, teaching, and service throughout College of Education

  • Content Determinants Research Group, MSU Institute for Research on Teaching, 1977-84 (with Andy Porter, Bob Floden, Bill Schmidt et al.)

  • MSU Associate Professor, 1977-82; promotion to Full Professor, 1982

  • National Institute of Education, 1974-77, Washington, DC (two years as chief of Measurement and Methodology Division)

  • Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1975; studies in comparative sociology of education (1963-67, 1971-72)

  • Dissertation research in France, 1966-67, registered at the Sorbonne and Institut d’ Etudes Politiques

  • USAF officer, behavioral scientist position, 1967-71, Evaluation Division, Headquarters, Air Training Command, San Antonio, TX

  • Harvard College, 1959-63, BA magna cum laude in history (emphasis on France)

  • 3rd place in state, 1959, on N.Y.S. Regents scholarship examination


Working in Guinea (West Africa)

Returning from up-country with
National Director of Elementary
Education (in purple)

Crossing the Niger River with
Martial Dembélé and the district
director of primary education

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