John L Sherry PhD


I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and the Cognitive Science Program at Michigan State University. I’ve always liked to figure out how things work, especially if it means doing things I’m not supposed to do.

I currently have two streams of research:

  1. 1.Cognitive Science, Dynamics and Communication-  Historically, the communication field has drawn its inspiration from behavioral science and largely ignored cognitive science. As a result, we have primarily used a static paradigm in our research. I have been working for many years on ways to bring cognitive science research to our field and more recently to study communication as a dynamic system.

  1. 2.Video Games for Education- I am looking at ways video games can be used for education.  I am convinced that these games are powerful, interactive environments for active learning of highly complex ideas.  I am also convinced that we know very little about how people interact with and learn from games.  Therefore, my research focuses on understanding the developmental and cognitive processes involved in  gaming so that we may learn to design more effective educational environments for complex ideas emerging in the 21st century.

I teach courses on media effects at both the graduate and undergraduate level, as well as a variety of courses on theory construction. Syllabi will be available under my Classes link.


Associate Professor

Cognitive Science Program

Department of Communication

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI

Contact information

Department of Communication

404 Wilson Rd.

473 Communication Arts & Sciences

East Lansing, MI 48824


Phone: 517/355/6648


MSU Cognitive Science

Media Neuroscience Lab

Don Wright Education Center

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