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Jyotsna G Singh researches and teaches early modern literature and culture, colonial history, travel writing, postcolonial theory, and gender and race studies, often exploring the intersections of these different fields. Her published work includes The Weyward Sisters: Shakespeare and Feminist Politics — co-authored with Dympna Callaghan and Lorraine Helms —(Blackwell 1994); Colonial Narratives/Cultural Dialogues: 'Discovery' of India in the Language of Colonialism (Routledge 1996); and Travel Knowledge: European 'Discoveries' in the Early Modern Period (co-edited Ivo Kamps, Palgrave, 2001); and A Companion to the Global Renaissance: English Literature and Culture in the Era of Expansion editor, Blackwell 2009). She has written extensively on early modern drama and culture, with an emphasis on Shakespeare; cross-cultural performances/appropriations of Shakespeare; early modern travel narratives; history of race and gender; and colonialism, among others.

She is currently working on two projects at the theoretical intersections of early modern colonial history, global exchange, early English slave voyages, and theories of translation: 1. Hakluyt’s Books and Hawkins’ Slaves; Travel Writing and Representations of the Early English Slave Trade explores Hakluyt’s representations of John Hawkins’ accounts of his three slaving voyages (1562, 1563, 1567-68 –reprinted in both editions of Principal Navigations) and their immediate precursors in trade and exploration. In thus highlighting the intersections between the early English travel writing and the slave trade, I show how the representational and rhetorical strategies deployed by Hakluyt’s travelers/narrators to describe West African societies discursively intersect with early English slave voyages from West Africa to the West Indies and Hispaniola. 2. Translation and Traffic in Early Anglo-Muslim Encounters. This book project in progress will examine the linguistic dis-orientations of English travelers to the Mughal court in seventeenth-century India.

She is also co-editing (with Daniel Vitkus) Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra: Texts and Contexts (Under contract, Bedford Books).

She has received several research fellowships at the Folger Shakespeare Library; a Distinguished Faculty Fellowship at Queen Mary, University of London (2008), and a Long-term Research Fellowship at the John Carter Brown Library, Brown University (2010-11).

Her interests in global cultures have led her to produce two major international conferences at the Michigan State University; Globalization and Visual Culture (2005); and Rumi in the Twenty-first Century (2007). Locally, she has organized an Indian Film Series, “Figuring the Nation” and an introduction to Urdu Poetry, “Found in Translation.” Check her CV

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