Climate Change: Science


IPCC Fourth Assessment Report.


US Global Change Research Program Publication: Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States (2009)


Climate Change: Economics


The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change

·        Additional discussions by Dr. Stern

·        Comment by Professor William Nordhaus

·        Comments by Dr. Partha Dasgupta

·        Formal review by Professor Martin Weitzman in the Journal of Economic Literature


The Economists Voice has a special issue on Global Climate Change and other interesting articles. Below are some sample articles.

·         Joseph Stiglitz "A New Agenda for Global Warming".

·         Sheila M. Olmstead and Robert N. Stavins "A Meaningful Second Commitment Period for the Kyoto Protocol".

·         Kenneth J. Arrow "Global Climate Change: A Challenge to Policy".

·         Thomas C. Schelling "Climate Change: The Uncertainties, the Certainties and What They Imply About Action".

·         Lawrence H. Goulder "California's Bold New Climate Policy".

·         Scott Barrett "Proposal for a New Climate Change Treaty System".

·         Joshua S. Gans "Do Voluntary Carbon Offsets Work?".

·         Rognvaldur Hannesson "Letter: The Other Problems with the Stern Report".


Review of Environmental Economics and Policy carries accessible articles on the full range of environmental and resource economics. Here are some sample articles

·        Symposium: The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme

o     A. Denny Ellerman and Barbara K. Buchner The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme: Origins,  Allocation, and Early Results Rev Environ Econ Policy 2007 1: 66-87; doi:10.1093/reep/rem003 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]

o     Frank J. Convery and Luke Redmond Market and Price Developments in the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme Rev Environ Econ Policy 2007 1: 88-111; doi:10.1093/reep/rem010 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]  

o       Joseph Kruger, Wallace E. Oates, and William A. Pizer Decentralization in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme and Lessons for Global Policy Rev Environ Econ Policy 2007 1: 112-133; doi:10.1093/reep/rem009 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF]

·        Symposium: The Economics of Climate Change: The Stern Review and Its Critics

o       Robert Mendelsohn Is the Stern Review an Economic Analysis? Rev Environ Econ Policy 2008 2: 45-60; doi:10.1093/reep/rem023 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]  

o       Thomas Sterner and U. Martin Persson  An Even Sterner Review: Introducing Relative Prices into the Discounting Debate  Rev Environ Econ Policy 2008 2: 61-76; doi:10.1093/reep/rem024 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]

o       John P. Weyant  A Critique of the Stern Review's Mitigation Cost Analyses and Integrated Assessment Rev Environ Econ Policy 2008 2: 77-93; doi:10.1093/reep/rem022 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]  

o     Simon Dietz and Nicholas Stern Why Economic Analysis Supports Strong Action on Climate Change: A Response to the Stern Review's Critics Rev Environ Econ Policy 2008 2: 94-113; doi:10.1093/reep/ren001 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]  

·       Franck Lecocq and Philippe Ambrosi, The Clean Development Mechanism: History, Status, and Prospects Rev Environ Econ Policy 2007 1: 134-151; doi:10.1093/reep/rem004 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]  

·        Jason F. Shogren and Laura O. Taylor On Behavioral-Environmental Economics Rev Environ Econ Policy 2008 2: 26-44; doi:10.1093/reep/rem027 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]

·       Michael Hanemann California's New Greenhouse Gas Laws Rev Environ Econ Policy 2008 2: 114-129; doi:10.1093/reep/rem030 [Abstract] [Full Text] [PDF] [Request Permissions]  

Journal of Risk and Uncertainty has a special issue on discounting for climate change. (More technical material.)


Climate Change publishes articles on, well, climate change, but in a range of disciplines. It has a special issue on “learning and climate change” and one on the Stern Review. There is also an interesting issue on carbon management.


Princeton Carbon Mitigation Initiative


Resources for the Future (RFF): work on climate change


RFF’s work on Energy and Climate


Pew Center on Global Climate Change



International Collective Actions: past, present and future


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)


The Kyoto Protocol


Clean Development Mechanism


Joint Implementation Network (Netherlands, publishes Joint Implementation Quarterly)


G8 positions on post-Kyoto negotiation, 2008

            Responses of G5


Harvard Project on International Climate Agreements





World Energy Outlook 2008 provides energy projections to 2030, “region by region” and “fuel by fuel.”


Harvard Belfer Center: Energy Technology Innovation Policy


Baker Institute Energy Forum (at Rice University) contains publications on the energy sector, especially oil


Renewable Energy Information on Markets, Policy, Investment, and Future Pathways  by Eric Martinot


MSU Library: Biofuel and Bioenergy Resources


Energy Market News at Platts


Energy News Data


Alternative Energy News Source


Alternative Energy News


Renewable Energy World



GHG and Energy in the US


U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Reports (


US Global Change Research Program


US Energy Information Administration (data source for energy use in US)


US Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007. A summary of it is available here. Also see its coverage at Wikipedia


GAO report on carbon offsets in the US voluntary market


Chicago Climate Exchange


Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)


Western Climate Initiative


Midwestern Greenhouse Gas Reduction Accord


Ethanol Producer Magazine


US EPA on Climate Change


USDA on Energy: contains information about biofuel and National Biofuels Action Plan


The Center for Climate Strategies synthesizes climate policy actions throughout the US, covering state actions, as well as evaluate the impacts of these actions.


International GHG and Energy


Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


International Energy Agency


International Emissions Trading Association


EU: Climate Change Webpage




UK Emissions Trading Group (UK-ETG)


Australia Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme


Climate Change in Canada 


Carbon Trading in China



Climate and Energy in Michigan


Michigan Climate Action Council

·        Released Michigan Climate Action Plan in March 2009


The Center for Climate Strategies released an economic analysis of this plan: The Macroeconomic Impact of the Michigan Climate Action Council Climate Action Plan on the State’s Economy, in January 2010. The analysis was led by MSU researcher Steve Miller at Center for Economic Analysis.



Energy Efficiency


Smart Energy Living has some interesting info


American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy ( promotes energy efficiency. Below is a useful report.

            Behavior, Energy, and Climate Change: Policy Directions, Program Innovations, and Research Paths

Enviromental Related Calculators (from EPA)

·        EPA Personal Emissions Calculator

·        TerraPass Car Emissions Calculator

·        The Personal Environmental Impact Calculator

MSU Be Spartan Green is an MSU campus wide initiative on energy efficiency.


REEP carries a symposium on corporate social responsibility and the environment



Other Useful Sites


SourceOECD (contains data sources of OECD countries)


EPA’s National Center for Environmental Economics