3. Mural, America's First Agricultural College by Henry Bernstein, 1938, MSU Library, first floor 


Originally commissioned by the WPA for the old East Lansing Post Office on Abbott Road, this mural is typical of the emphasis on representational art, scenes of local history and a nostalgia for the disappearing rural life. It shows five agricultural students in nineteenth century dress reaping a harvest, a reference to Michigan State University's beginnings as the nation's first agricultural college. The mural was removed from the Post Office when it closed and placed on permanent loan to the MSU Library, where it can be seen on the main floor. 

4. MSU Music Building, 1940 


The music building, a PWA project designed by Ralph R. Calder, is enhanced by Samuel Cashwan's sculptural reliefs at the southwest entrance. These WPA carvings of words and images, such as children dancing to the beat of drums, introduce the viewer to various aspects of music.