About Us

Our Mission:

Kazakh Students Association is founded with the purpose of collaborating students from the Republic of Kazakhstan in order to help newly admitted students from Kazakhstan to adapt to the new environment and strengthen the friendship between students from Kazakhstan, United States of America and other countries at Michigan State University. This organization will conduct meetings for acquainting students from all over the world with Kazakh students in order to foster a mutual exchange of culture and traditions. It enhances our relationship with the community by organizing and participating in social and academic activities, embraces diversity as an essential component in this huge campus. It would be a valuable academic and social experience at Michigan State University.

Our Responsibility:

Our e-board members would be responsible for different roles and devote the great effort to operate this association; each of us would provide more fun and benefits to the organization and the community. The meetings will be conducted in an informal way unless those meetings are related to elections. In the beginning of each meeting, the President will conduct a speech and provide members with the rules of the meeting; rules may vary from one meeting to another. Once the President defines the rules of a particular meeting, they should not be violated; otherwise, the President, Vice President and the Officers will take actions against the members who violated rules by suspending his/her membership from this organization.


There shall be two branches in this organization: Executives and Officers. The executive office will consist of two people, a president and a vice president. The Officers’ office will consist of two people who will be nominated by the President and the vice president and further elected by the members in good standing.


Any MSU student can be a member. The organization will not discriminate based on age, color, gender, gender identity, disability status, height, marital status, national origin, political persuasion, race, religion, sexual orientation, veteran status, or weight. In addition, only MSU students may be officers and/or voting members. “Kazakh student” and “student from Kazakhstan” shall have the same meaning and will not be related to the ethnicity of a student, it will only mean that mainly the students from the Republic of Kazakhstan of various ethnicities found this organization: Kazakhs, Uzbeks, Russians, Uygurs, etc. Students from other countries will be encouraged to become members of this organization in order to share culture and traditions. Any member is free to make any suggestions or raise any questions related to this organization. After he/she does so, all members will have to take part in discussions of a certain issue and suggestions will be accepted only if the majority of the members approve them, in case of a draw, the Vice president has the right to make a final vote.

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