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This page contains links to social network software, data sets discussion exercises and survey materials.

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General Materials

arrowWorkshop materials
arrowPart 1: Introduction to ideas and terms

arrowPart 2: Influence
concerns about causality for influence

arrowPart 3: selection
arrowPart 4: Clustering and Graphical Representations
arrowPart 5: Centrality, Ethics and Resources
arrowCombined materials

arrowMcKnight workshop, visualizations and conceptualizations



arrowQuick reference for software
arrowDiscussion exercise for overview

Introduction to R (Beta)

Ppt for introduction

Using Igraph



Discussion Exercise for Software

arrowTask challenges for software
arrowResponses to task challenges


Survey Materials

arrowTeacher technology interview protocol
arrowDistrict administrator technology interview protocol
arrowTeacher technology instrument (Nextday)
arrowTeacher technology instrument (MTIP)
arrowIRB application for networks and NCLB

        arrowDetermination of Whether an Activity Involves Human Subject Research

arrowIRB application for outreach study, urban collaborators
arrowUsing subgroups for feedback to respondents and in a proposal

arrowReliability and Validity of Network items

arrowRules for Electronic Surveys

arrowEntering social network data

arrowEmpirical Examples





Implementation of Technology Data Sets and Sas Files

arrowDownload, includes brief documentation


Influence Models

arrowInfluence program using proc means and merges in sas

arrowInfluence program for technology use in sas

arrowInfluence program using means and merges in spss

arrowInfluence program for technology use in spss

arrowtechnology use network time 1

arrowtechnology use network time 2

arrowtechnology use individual attributes

arrowdescription of technology implementation data

arrowshort course introduction to regression


>Influence program using means and merges in stata intact data (thanks to Christopher Klager)

>Influence program using means and merges in stata [save and uncompress]

>Influence program in R (thanks to Joshua Rosenberg and Sarah Galey)

Examples for R

arrowAlternative influence program
arrowAlternative influence network data
arrowAlternative y values for influence model
arrowBasic libraries
arrowDiscussion exercise for influence

concerns about causality for influence

Latent space estimation of the Influence Model

Workshop materials

Module 1. Dynamic behavior and Network in R

Module 2. Estimation Methods in R

Module 3. Empirical Example in R


Selection Models: Pstar

Using Wassermans prepstar:
arrowPstar via Wasserman
arrowSchelp.pst: example output of pst file
arrowSchelp.list: example KLiqueFinder list file
arrowSCHELP.PDA: example prepstart output example reading back in from prepstar

Using sas program:
arrowData for pstar
arrowSAS program for pstar
arrowSAS program for making dyadic attributes
arrowDiscussion exercise for selection


Selection Models: P2

arrowP2 via stocnet
arrowToy network data for p2
arrowToy attribute data for p2
arrowToy attribute pre data for p2

arrowprepping toy data for p2 from list

arrowP2 from Sam Field in sas
arrowDiscussion exercise for selection

arrowintroduction to logistic regression

R code Latent factor selection models



Selection ppt with latent factors


Netlogo templates (developed by Ran Xu)

Overview: agent based models with Netlogo (ppt)


Dynamic influence

Starting from divergence


dynamic selection and influence with events

as used in *Frank, K.A., and *Xu, Ran. (forthcoming). The Micro-Dynamics of Network Leverage: Implications for Change Agents External to an Organization. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.*Co-equal first authors.




arrowKliqueFinder (install latest version in C:\kliqfind)

Kliqfinder in R




MAC users:


Oracle Virtualbox (free -

or use vmware fusion 4:


If problems with Netdraw, download latest version and install into c:\kliqfind

>large development version (unzip and replace kliqfind.exe) *download may not work with MS Explorer*

Replace printo file with this for large jobs

Replace kliqfind.par with this for large jobs

>Large version for 2-mode (unzip and replace kfr.exe) *download may not work with MS Explorer*

Example two-mode data

Example two-mode data as csv

>Batch automated (unzip and follow ppt)


>quick power point on how to use KliqueFinder
arrowKliqueFinder user guide
arrowKliqueFinder cheat sheet
arrowIntroduction to KliqueFinder
arrowKliqueFinder source code

Updated source code
arrowDiscussion exercise for subgroups

programs for automated batch run of KliqueFinder

data files for ripple plot (download to c:\kliqfind and then run KliqueFinder on ripple.list)




Other Visualization tools

arrowMovieMol (chemistry based, longitudinal)



arrowUcinet V
arrowUcinet VI


James Moody's routines


Data Sets

French Financial Elite
arrowffe.sas7bdat: ffe sas data ffe sas program ffe attributes (zip) file

Our Hamilton High
arrowbackground.sas7bdat: ourham sas data
arrowmagent.##h: ourham ucinet attribute data
arrowmagent.##d: ourham ucinet attribute data produces nice table of ourham data
arrowourham.##h: ourham ucinet network data
arrowourham.##m: ourham ucinet network data
arrowourham.xlist: KLiqueFinder data, no administrators

Social Capital Researchers
arrowsammy1.list: social capital researchers network
arrowsammy2.list: social capital researchers network
arrowsocdef.sas7bdat: social capital researchers sas data with attributes

Non Profit Researchers


Other Web Resources

arrowMoody's homeworks, identofy a function and then click on data/programs
arrowR software from Handcock

arrowSteve Borgatti's slide show
arrowDavid Knoke's intro to social network methods
arrowJim Moody's course

Web Clearinghouses
arrowInternational social network analysis web page
Individual Web Pages

arrowRon Breiger
arrowRonald Burt
arrowLinton Freeman
arrowJames Moody
arrowTom Snijders
arrowBarry Wellman




General Materials



Discussion Exercise for Software


Survey Materials


Implementation of Technology Data Sets and Sas Files


Influence Models


Selection Models: Pstar


Selection Models: P2




Other Visualization Tools




James Moody's Routines


Data Sets


Other Web Resources









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