Media Art Major

Greg is majoring in Media Arts and Technology, which is a fantastic major-at least he thinks so. While the lower levels of the program offer only the basics that teach students the main ideas of design theory, the upper levels allow for more creative involvment from students. Greg is especially excited for these upper level classes where he can showcase his amazing talents.

While Greg is still unsure as to exactly what he wants to do with his career, he feels a Media Arts Major will prepare him well for the future.

The Digital Image

The Digital Image is a class Greg is currently taking that focuses mainly on learning the basics of photography and how to manipulate light. It is a fun class that allows Greg to get a bit creative, even though photography really isn't his strength.

Graphic Design

One of Greg's interests is graphic design and perhaps animation. He is currently looking for available summer internships that will allow him to further progress in this area. He would also like to point out that the design scheme that was chosen for this template is ugly, and hopes there will be an opportunity to change it later.


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