Welcome to Greg Kozma's MSU main page, where you can creepily learn everything there is to know about his college life.

Everything you need to know about Greg is right here, or a mere few clicks away. What are you waiting for? Start stalking him now. As a side note, he frequently likes to refer to himself in the third person and hopes you don't mind.

Goals/ Future Plans

Currently a sophmore at Michigan State University, Greg is majoring in Media Arts and Technology, but is also thinking of getting a specialization or minor in the Japanese language. His devious plans for this combination include him getting a job after graduation at a Japanese company doing something related to either graphic design, animation, or video game production. Since the company will not need a translator, Greg can bank the extra cash, what a genius!

If his master plan crashes and burns, mainly involving Greg's lack of ability to learn Japanese, Greg will focus even harder on his major and also may do something with writing. However, he is very secretive about his future goals and does not want to divulge too much information to random strangers at this time.


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