In this section you can read about all the great stuff there is to do here at MSU

Even though Greg is busy with class and work, he still likes to find time for himself. Whether it be hanging out with his friends playing video games and watching TV, or spending quality time with his girlfriend, Greg loves his free time.

Unfortunatley, this free time is all too short because there is just too much to do, how unfortunate for Greg.


The Izzone is one of Greg's favorite activities. He is a fanatic MSU basketball fan and will cheer them on 'til death, jumping up and down behind his squad and their leader Tom Izzo. Best time of the college year no doubt. For the team's full schedule click here.

Video Games

Greg likes to spend some of his time immersed in the world of video games. Here are some of his favorite, the clicking on the pictures will take you to the game's web page.

Mass Effect Oblvion Kotor

Me Me