1965 Soldier's Chorus
Performing at Ft. Meade's Service Club #2
Under the direction of Gene Coughlin

Our thanks to Mike Culbertson for sharing this photo.

If you are able to identify any other names, please forward them to Mike (mikeculb (at) aol.com).

(left to right) Ted Rowland, Jim Woodel, Unidentified guy behind Woodel, Wilbur Cook, Jim Hairston, Joe Tallakson, Jack Myers, Unidentified guy with glasses behind Myers, John Hamilton, Charlie Scott, Unidentified top of head behind Scott, Ron Ware, Bill Duvall, Quint Bowles, Russ Merritt, Max Marsocci, Bob Throne, Gene Coughlin conducting, Unidentified person in front of Coughlin - can only see trousers and right hand, Unidentified top of head, Orvel Lee, Unidentified full face, Unidentified top of head, Dan Tallakson, Unidentified guy behind Jim Matthews, Jim Matthews.

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