The 1st Combat Infantry Band
and the
Army Ground Forces Band
(Predecessors to the Field Band)

Many thanks to Ken Boyer (son of Motor Sergeant Bob Boyer - longtime head of the Field Band Motorpool) for finding and sharing these images. Ken promises to try and find further images to forward to the website.
(Pictures are shown at low resolution so they can load more quickly.
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1st Combat Infantry Band Orders
Issued 23 October 1945 for a
"Victory Loan Drive" tour of NE United States

1st Combat Infantry Band Buses

AGF Band Motorpool (c. 1947-48)
Bob Boyer is first on the left, next to him is Ken Ross
and Harry Long (?) is third from the right.

AGF Band - 1947 & 1948

AGF Band Program - September 23, 1948 - Ft. Meade, Maryland

AGF Band Program - May 3, 1949 - Reading, Pennsylvania

AGF Band Program - May 10, 1949 - Rochester, New York

AGF Band Program - May 16, 1949 - Butler, Pennsylvania

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