The First Years of the Combat Infantry Band/Army Ground Forces Band/Army Field Band (1946-47)

A very special thanks to Don Fejfar for sharing this fantastic collection of photos and newspaper articles from the very first years of the band. Don was a trumpet player when the band was first organized. (Captions that are included in quotes are exactly as noted on back of pictures.)

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Don's Honorable Discharge from the Army Ground Forces Band

Boston, Mass - VFW Parade - 9-4-1946

Don and Major Lewis, "director of Army Ground Band"

"Army Ground Forces Band on July 4, 1946 on Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA (95 pieces)"

"Army Ground Forces Band - Vehicular Section - Convoy of 3 busses and 4 trucks - Picture taken Aug. 1, 1946 at Ft. Geo. G. Meade, MD"

"The Two Army Ground Forces Band Mascots - "Jebb" the large dog, "Caldonia" the small dog"

"Army Ground Forces Marching Band - Sergeant Boyd, Baton Twirler - Taken Aug. 1st 1946 on Donohoe Field, Ft. Geo. G. Meade, MD of 60 piece marching band"

The AGF Band at the White House - June 14, 1946

"Another view of A.G.F. Band on White House Lawn, June 14, 1946 (95 pieces) - High Officials Present: President Harry S. Truman, Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Admiral Nimitz, Admiral Leahy, Secretary Forestahl, Cabinet Members"

The Army Ground Froces Band visits Sioux City - April 1947

Read about Don Fejfar in this Febraury 2005 article from the Iowa Falls Times-Citizen as Don reminisces about his experiences with the Army Ground Forces Band.

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