Some Old "Mugshots" of Field Band Members

Our thanks to Mike Culbertson for discovering this batch of mugshots of former Field Band members.

(Click on the image to make it larger)

SGM Antonio "Tony" Salatti (9 Mar 67) - Hometown: New York, NY

SP-7 Joseph Vento (10 Mar 67) - Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

SP-5 Palmer Pacillo (10 Mar 67) - Hometown: Farrell, PA

SP-6 Joseph Greco (12 Apr 67)

SGM Frank Granofsky (14 Nov 68)

PVT Joel DiBartalo (15 Nov 68)

SP-7 Theodore "Ted" Kramer (17 Dec 68)

SGM Daniel Greco (1 Sep 70)

SP-6 John S. Montgomery

SP-5 Ric de Azevedo

Want to see more old photos? Have some favorites tucked away in the attic? Send a note to Joe Levine ( to arrange to have your photos scanned and included on these pages.

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