A selection of photos - then (1969) and now (2001)

A Special Thanks to Rod Young for rummaging through a bunch of stuff, finding these pictures and actually remembering who is in the pictures!!

A visit to Lt. Rod Young's parents home in Blue Springs (Independence), Missouri during the May 1969 tour. That's Gene Coughlin (Director of the Soldier's Chorus) chatting with Frank Granofsky (Band Sergeant Major) with Lt. Col. Hal Gibson (Commanding Officer and Conductor) relaxing in the background.

Sam Fricano warming up his conducting arm for the upcoming concert! (Rod distinctly remembers Fred Stearns heading directly to the pool table when he arrived at the house. Fred is evidently outside of picture range and must have been intently watching the competition before preparing for his own shot.)

From Rod's notes, "Compare facilities in 1969 with today's 2001. "The Ranch" 1969. This was my office. Notice the heating "system"."

From Rod's notes, "I remember the controversy I caused as a young Lt. when I had a barrier put down the middle of the parking lot (no problem here), and then assigned parking spaces according to those personnel I perceived as really needing a space. At 8:45 am that morning I had a "group" explaining, That's been my place for 20 years and I'll continue parking there!!. After that "counseling session" I made several changes in the parking plan."

That's Rod Young (left) and Danny Greco at the Jazz Ambassador's Concert during the 2001 Ft. Meade Summer Concert Series (June 24, 2001).

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