A "Mini-Reunion" at the Field Band's Ypsilanti, MI concert
November 1, 2012 - Eastern Michigan University

Three former Field Band members got together in Ypsilanti, MI for dinner and the band's concert at Eastern Michigan University - Joe Levine (1963-1966 Okemos, MI), Bernie Kaselemas (1963-1966 Livonia, MI), and Ralph Oberlander (1965-1968 Indianapolis, IN). Joining Joe/Robbie, Bernie/Rose & Ralph for dinner before the concert was Colonel Tim Holtan (Commanding Officer) and Major Dwayne Milburn (Deputy Commander).

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(clockwise around the table) Rose/Bernie Kaselemas, Ralph Oberlander, Col. Tim Holtan, Joe/Robbie Levine, Maj. Dwayne Milburn

(clockwise around the table) Col. Holtan, Joe & Robbie Levine, Maj. Milburn

Ralph, Joe and Bernie

Col. Holtan congratulating Bernie on re-upping (not!)

And, for those wondering how the band concluded their concert in Ypsilanti........

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