Avian Ecology and Behavior
 Speckled Tanager

    Members of my lab group study the ecology and behavior of birds and their roles in ecosystems. A present focus is investigating patterns of bird use of fruit crops. With funding from the U.S.D.A., we  are working on the development of techniques to deter birds from orchards and vineyards and to encourage them to use alternative food sources in the environment. A second line of research investigates the interactions between birds and various tree species planted in tropical restoration sites. By documenting the foraging behavior of birds in different tree species and in different neighborhoods (i.e. monospecific vs. diverse tree neighborhoods), we seek to understand why some restoration strategies attract more birds than others, and the mechanisms underlying these patterns. This work is being conducted in collaboration with the NGO Earth Train in Panama.

Principal Investigator:

Dr. Catherine Lindell                                                                             
Associate Professor                                                      

Department of Zoology                                                   
Center for Global Change and Earth Observations
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