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2007 - 2008 Academic Year



Spring Semester 2008
January 17
Chris Kennedy (U of Chicago)
"An Average Semantics" more info
January 31
Carol Myers-Scotton (MSU)
"The Grammar of Codeswitching and Other Contact Phenomena" more info
February 7
Daniel Seely (Eastern Michigan)
"The Value of Phonological Underspecification in the Narrow Syntax" more info
February 14
Andrés Salanova (U of Ottawa)
"Number and category in the verbal system of Mebengokre" more info
February 21
Marie Huffman (Stony Brook)
February 28
Patti Spinner (MSU)
"L2 Grammatical Gender errors: Seeking the source of the problem" more info

Friday March 14
Lisa Levinson (Oakland University)
"Deriving Verb Classes: Where Root Semantics Meets Syntax" more info

March 20
Adam Buchwald (NYU)
"Representation and repair in phonetic processing" more info
March 27
Diane Lesley-Neuman (MSU)
"ATR Harmony in Karimojong: Justification for a Stratal Optimality Theory" more info
April 3
Katherine Demuth (Brown University)
"Phonological Constraints on Morphological Development" more info



Fall Semester 2007
September 27
Acrisio Pires (Michigan)
"The Syntax of Wh-in-situ and Common Ground"
more info
October 11
Marcin Morzycki (MSU)
"Differential Degrees And Cross-Categorial Measure-Phrase Modification"
more info
October 25
Steve Johnson (MSU)
"Shift Happens: Effects of Personality on the Northern Cities Shift" more info
November 1
Andries Coetzee (Michigan)
"Lexical frequency and variation" more info
November 15

Matthew Husband (MSU)
"Plurality and Events: Unbounded Representations across Categories" more info