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2008 - 2009 Academic Year



Spring Semester 2009
March 5
Jeff Good (Buffalo)
"How to Become a 'Kwa' Noun" [more info]
March 19

Jacques Lamarche (Western Ontario)
"Towards a Combinational Definition of Grammatical Categories" [more info]

March 26
Marlyse Baptista (U of Michigan)
"On the Evolution of Verbal and Nominal Morphology in Four Lusophone Creoles" [more info]
April 2
Alan Yu (U of Chicago)
" Toward a rational account of channel bias" [more info]
April 9
Diane Ogiela (U of Texas, Dallas)
"TBA" [more info]
April 16
J.P Koenig (Buffalo)
"TBA" [more info]
April 23
Alana Johns (Toronto)
"TBA" [more info]


Fall Semester 2008
September 18
Suzanne Evans Wagner (MSU)
"(ing) and (dh) production in the post high-school transition" [more info]
September 25

San Duanmu (U of Michigan)
"The limits of variation in syllable structure: The CVX theory and its implications" [more info]

October 9
Julie Boland (U of Michigan)
"Chinese Sentence Comprehension: Recent Findings" [more info]
October 16
No Colloquium this week. Check out the conference at the U of Michigan on the Future of Cognitive Science.
October 23
Carmel O'Shannessey (U of Michigan)
"Coding a register:  how a language register has led to the formation of a new code" [more info]
October 30
Ezra Keshet (U of Michigan)
"Split Intensionality: A New Theory of the De re/De dicto Distinction" [more info]
November 6
Judith Tonhauser (Ohio State)
"Crosslinguistic variation in the temporal semantics of noun phrases" [more info]
November 13
Jason Riggle (U of Chicago)
"Complexity, Learnability, & Constraint-Based Grammars" [more info]
November 20
Diane Massam (U of Toronto)
"On the Left in the Noun Phrase: Determiners and Number in Niuean " [more info]